Quick and easy beveling of various materials

The Beveltools machines are available with 3 types of bevel heads:

All types of bevel heads are available for the Bevel Mite® and Bevel Mate® concept.
Available bevel angle: 15° – 22.5° – 30° – 37.5° – 45° – 52.5° – 60°
Maximum bevel depth: 6 mm (Bevel Mite®), 8 mm of 12 mm (Bevel Mate®)

Interested and curious about which of the Beveltools concepts best suits your application and work?

Every type of bevel heads of Beveltools has its own characteristics, making them more or less suitable for certain types of metal. For the best end result, it is highly important to choose the right bevel head that is the most suitable for the job at hand. The diagram is a guide for making the right choice.


Type bevel head S235 >S355 Plasma/laser cut steel RVS 304 Non-ferrous metals
STL steel_01
Premium premium
ALU alu_01


Bevel Mite 2 800px

Beveling steel

The first bevel heads in the Beveltools range were best intended for steel. These bevel heads are suitable for beveling the most common types of steel, for example S235. This bevel head can achieve a perfect bevel in less time using less physical efforts than your current method.

Whether it involves straight running edges or more challenging shapes with angles and curves, the Beveltools products will bevel steel with incredible ease. Beveltools has the perfect solution and bevel head for nearly every project.


"The Bevel Mate® EBA-12 works great for beveling pipe. It makes pipe prepping a whole lot faster." - Equipment Pro Inc

Bevel Mate 3 800px

Beveling Plasma ⁄ laser cut steel

The harder steel types, plasma/ laser-cut steel and stainless steel, led to a reduced tool life of the bevel head for steel and resulted in sparking.

The Beveltools R&D department has worked hard on improving the application of the patented technology on harder steel variaties. With the Premium bevel head, Beveltools has managed to create a bevel head with a broader area of application and exceptional performance. As a result, the Premium bevel head can now be used on a wider range steel varieties.

The tool life of the new Premium bevel head has been improved bij 150-200% compared to the steel bevel head.

These Premium bevel heads are produced with 'state-of-the-art' hard metal components, grinding technology and coatings.


"I was surprised that using the Bevel Mate® concept saved me 6 hours of deburring work when building 1 machine."

Bevel Mite 3 800px

Beveling aluminum

The characteristics of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum tend to clog the cutting surfaces of the bevel heads for steel. To prevent loading Beveltools found the perfect cutting angle for non-ferrous metals. The combination of the correct geometry and coating ensure that non-ferrous metals can be machined without issue.

Tests performed in the high-end yacht industry have proven that Beveltools products provide a consistent and accurate angle for aluminum, which results in a stronger welded joint.


"Replacing the grinding disc withe the Bevel Mite® has saved us a lot of time in building a boat." - Dirk Keizer, Next Generation Shipyards

Bevel Mate 800px