Bevel Mate® Guide | Attachment for your beveling machine

Increase stability when machining metal

The Bevel Mate® Guide has been specially developed to give you perfect lateral guidance. This attachment gives your Bevel Mate® machine even more stability when machining metal.

The plastic guiding blocks increase the running surface, thereby offering heightened support both on sheet material and pipes. Especially if many metres of material are being machined sequentially, this attachment offers extra stability.

Further, the Guide makes it possible, on straight edges, to bevel or round the full thickness of the plate (for example, a 3 mm radius on a plate with a total thickness of also 3 mm).

Because of its special design, the discomfort of flying chips is reduced.

This unique accessory is simple to fit on the flange head and is made of top-grade materials. The POM plastic guiding blocks prevent scratches on the work piece. Thanks to the open underside, the bevel head is still simple to swap.

The Bevel Mate® Guide is a separate attachment for your existing EBA-12 or ABA-12 machine.

máquinas biseladoras

The benefits of the Bevel Mate® Guide

  • Increased stability and comfort during beveling
  • Offers extra lateral guidance
  • Makes it possible to bevel or round edges on the full thickness of the plate
  • Less flying chips
  • Made of top-grade materials for a long service life
  • Available for your current EBA-12 or ABA-12 beveling machine
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