The Bevel Mate® concept is suitable for more heavy-duty applications

The Bevel Mate® concept is:


Consistent high quality

Long service life


Minimum physical effort

Safe and healthier working

The best choice


The unique patented design of the bevel head ensures that it can bevel and round more quickly than the current conventional methods.
Experience has shown that speeds of up to 140 centimetres per minute can be achieved here.
The cutting surfaces are shaped in such a way that they cut the metal ‘like a hot knife through butter’.

Consistent quality

The constant contact with the metal provides the most consistent cutting pattern. This cutting pattern cannot be replicated by other tools, such as cutting torches, grinding discs or flap discs. Even machines that use carbide inserts cannot achieve this level of quality.
As the Bevel Mate® concept works almost spark-free, no impurities are formed and finishing is not required.

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Long service life

When used carefully while beveling with the Bevel Mate concept on construction metal, empirical figures show that 120 to 160 metres can be achieved. For rounding, 150 to 250 metres can be achieved.


The size and weight make it easy to get the Bevel Mate® concept to the metal. This provides more flexibility in the movement and shape of the metal to be beveled or rounded.

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Minimum effort

The Bevel Mate® concept is very light and ergonomic, as a result of which limited physical force is required to operate the machine. While rounding and beveling, the machine rests on the metal and guiding it is the only job required. The machine with its powerful motor and the bevel head do the work, in contrast to working with cutting torches, flap discs or grinding discs.

Safe and healthier working

The chips are large and heavy, causing them to drop to the ground immediately, rather than ending up in the machine or in the air as fine dust.
The Bevel Mate® concept provides reduced-sparking machining and adds minimum heat to the metal, preventing any hazardous smoke or gas formation.

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The best choice

In short, the Bevel Mate® concept is the best choice. Not only for the user, but also for direct colleagues, project managers, purchasers, directors and owners. With the Bevel Mate® concept, your company will be ready for the future.


The available bevel heads for the Bevel Mate® concept are:


R2 - R3 - R4 - R5 - R6 - R8


15 - 22.5 - 30 - 37.5 - 45 - 52.5 - 60

Bevel heads have been developed for the Bevel Mate® concept suitable for rounding, weld preparation and beveling of a wide range of metals:


For the common types of steel.


For non-ferrous metals like aluminum.


For the harder types of steel like S235, Plasma-/ laser cut steel, >S355, RVS 304 en RVS 316.

Check the catalog for other technical specifications and our range of bevel heads.

The Bevel Mate® concept is available with a pneumatic and electric motor.

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Click below for the pneumatic motor


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