The Bevel Mite® concept, perfect for lighter rounding and beveling work

The Bevel Mite® concept is:

Very ergonomic


Consistent high quality

Minimum physical effort

Safe and healthier working

The best choice

Very ergonomic

The small and light Bevel Mite® concept allows you to work very flexibly. Due to the 2 kg weight limit, the machines are pleasant to hold, easy to get to the metal and light to use. The Bevel Mite® concept makes it possible to bevel and round openings from 18 mm.


Beveling and rounding metal is faster than current conventional methods due to the unique patented design of the bevel head. The shape and angle of the cutting surfaces ensure that the metal is cut fast and with ease. The end result is immediately smooth and perfect, so that finishing is not required with the Bevel Mite® concept.

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Consistent high quality

With the Bevel Mite® concept, an unprecedented consistent cutting pattern can be achieved due to the constant contact with the metal. Discoloration is prevented because the concept cuts the metal almost without sparking.

Long service life

Empirical figures show that 120 to 160 metres can be achieved with the Bevel Mite® concept, if used carefully and correctly. For rounding, 150 to 250 metres can be achieved.

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Minimum physical effort

Because of the ergonomic design and low weight, minimum physical effort is required to operate the Bevel Mite® concept. The machine rests on the metal while rounding and beveling. Guiding the machine is the only job required. The machine and the bevel head do the work, in contrast to working with cutting torches, flap discs or grinding discs.

Safe and healthier working

The machined material is large and heavy, causing it to drop to the ground immediately, rather than ending up in the machine or in the air as fine dust.
The Bevel Mite® concept provides reduced-sparking machining and adds minimum heat to the metal, preventing any hazardous smoke or gas formation.

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The best choice

In short, the Bevel Mite® concept is the best choice for lighter beveling and rounding work. This concept is cheaper than the Bevel Mate® concept, without any reduction in quality. It’s not just the best choice for the user, but also for direct colleagues, project managers, purchasers, directors and owners. With the Bevel Mite® concept, your company will be ready for the future.


The available bevel heads for the Bevel Mite® concept are:


R2 - R3 - R4


15 - 22,5 - 30 - 37,5 - 45 - 52,5 - 60

Bevel heads have been developed for the Bevel Mite® concept suitable for rounding, weld preparation and beveling of a wide range of metals:


For the common types of steel


For non-ferrous metals like aluminum.


For the harder types of steel like S235, Plasma-/ laser cut steel, >S355, RVS 304 en RVS 316.

Check the catalogue for other technical specifications and our full range of bevel heads.

The Bevel Mite® concept is available with an electric en pneumatic motor, in a standard en Premium version.
The Premium variant offers unique features:
a precise depth adjustment in 0,1 mm increments,
the new spindle makes changing the bevel head even simpler and quicker,
and a rotating flange head.

Click below for the electric motor

Click below for the pneumatic motor

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