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Beveling rounding metal yacht building

Linssen Yachts from Maasbracht is a family business specialising in the manufacture of steel motor yachts with lengths of between 26 and 50 ft (8 and 15 metres). Linssen Yachts was founded in 1949 and has grown in the Netherlands to become one of the major players in this sector of yacht-building.

In the meantime, the company has developed a large sales network all across Europe. The various models of yachts are designed and finished by their own specialists. By producing them in batches and using the best materials and techniques to do so, the steel yachts are of excellent quality.

In yacht-building, the finishing is crucial. Peter Zentjes (Production Leader - Hulls) says: “Rounding sharp edges in the hull material is important to ensure that the coating and paint bond well and stay on for a long time. Rounded edges look better to the end user too. By rounding sharp edges with Beveltools, you get a beautiful, smooth, rounded finish.”

The Beveltools system is used almost daily in the hull production hall. “Before, we used to weld a tube on the top edge to create the rounding. Then we had to deburr the material from irregularities. This was time-consuming work. I went on the lookout for a system that would create the rounding in the steel without needing deburring and polishing afterwards. I quickly came across Beveltools,” says Peter.

The EBA-12 in combination with the Premium bevel head is the perfect solution for Linssen Yachts. “The machine is lightweight and handy. I can use it anywhere. The Beveltools R3 and R4 bevel heads we use have a long service life but are easy to replace when necessary. For us, Beveltools is the ideal method to achieve quick and consistent rounding,” says Peter.




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We introduced  a complete new range of tools, called Beveltools 3.0

Until we finished the new website you can find them in the new catalogue that you can download here , using the download buttons on the pages or go to the download section in the menu on top of each page.