Rounding metal? Don't worry, we got you covered

Rounding metal

Good and accurate rounding of metal is becoming more and more important in the industry, making it increasingly obvious that this is not the most suitable job for grinding discs and flap discs. Especially not for rounding smaller openings.

Sharp edges cause poor bonding of paint or coatings due to the limited bonding surface on the edge. This leads to peeling of the paint or coating, which in turn leads to corrosion and makes it necessary to repeat the painting.

Because of the PSPC standards for protective coatings, metal sheets must be given a uniform radius. However, rounding all the contours often is a time-consuming and inaccurate process.

This is why the Beveltools team of specialists has developed 2 unique concepts. These concepts guarantee fast and consistent rounding, regardless of whether the job involves an R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 or R8.






Uniform quality

The uniform radius produced by Beveltools provides a larger bonding surface for paint and coatings, reducing the risk of peeling and creating a professional end result.
The machine with the bevel heads does the rounding work and, as it rests on the metal, can be guided along the metal with minimum physical effort. This allows the radius to be created consistently without fail.
A larger bonding surface is created for paint and coatings due to the uniform radius. Additionally, cable feed glands are not required any longer to prevent chafing when feeding through cables, wiring and/or piping.

Fast and flexible

The Beveltools concepts are ergonomic, making it easy to get them to the metal. As a result, rounding small openings from a diameter of 18 mm becomes child's play. The compact design of the Beveltools concepts introduces unprecedented flexibility in rounding metal pipes and sheets.

No finishing

When using a flap disc or grinding disc for rounding metal, it is often necessary to file away all the impurities and splinters. When using Beveltools machines, the final result is smooth, perfect and consistent, eliminating the need for finishing.

Better working conditions

Another important aspect is that the working conditions are improved by using Beveltools concepts. Because of the reduced-sparking machining, hardly any heat is added to the material. The machines are light-weight and create the required rounding almost without vibrations. As the bevel heads cut through the metal, the splinters are large and heavy, and immediately drop to the ground. No hazardous dust particles and/or combustion gases are released.




Choose the Beveltools concept that suits your company and your situation

Rounding holes, between 0.71 - 0.91 inch:
Rounding holes larger than 0.91 inch:
You have many metres of metal that require rounding, every day: